15 Things I Learned In 2015

1. No one is simply one dimensional. We can’t be organized into groups and labeled.

2. Learn from your mistakes and move on, instead of crying over them yet not changing anything.

3. If he hurt you repeatedly he doesn’t deserve another chance. Those things will never change.

4. Sometimes there is no one available that understands your pain and that is very hard but it’s ok you’ll get through it.

5. Yes! You actually can do anything you set you mind to! You just need to be willing enough to work long and hard for it.

6. Comparing yourself to those around you does nothing but make you feel more inadequate. So stop.

7. Friendship goes both ways and you need to make an effort to include and love them in order for them to do the same.

8. Loving someone will never be black and white, and sometimes there are instances where you are ready to give up because nothing feels right. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love you and you don’t love them.

9. Sometimes taking emotion out of a situation is a good thing where as other times it can lead to regrets. The trick is learning when to do what.

10. Everyone needs to feel loved. Sometimes even though you feel as though you show your love, it’s not that obvious.

11. Simple acts of thoughtfulness can go a long way.

12. Reuniting/reconnecting with an old friend is more heart warming and moral boosting than one would think.

13. Don’t lose sight of the things you loved in childhood because they will never cease to bring you joy and happiness. Especially when you most need it.

14. Read on your own for fun. Learn something new simply because you wanted to and not because it was required.

15. Do things that will make you proud of yourself. Take chances. Go out on those adventures.


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