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The only unique contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity.

Brené Brown

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Home site base for my creative ideas, blog, graphic design work, journalistic ventures, etc. Take a look around and explore what I have to offer.

Creativity Takes Courage.

Henri Matisse


Author and creator of this page, 22 year old Nishtah Sharma (She/Her) is focused on pursuing a career in Journalism and Graphic Design.

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College student mask on computer

The Social Aspect for Modern College Freshmen

When we think of the ‘classic’ college experience we all generally imagine going to parties, attending sports events, joining clubs, and overall creating bonds of friendship that can last for life. The social aspect of the college experience is a crucial element for students who are generally going off to live on their own, in […]

America's Toxic Capitalist Mentality

How America’s Toxic Capitalist Mentality is Ruining Our Future.

Today’s Toxic Consumer Culture: While scrolling through any form of social media, or watching a show online today there is no doubt that you are going to witness many ads. In this day and age it has become a major part of anyone’s online experience. We see ads or promotions tailored to our likes and […]

The Bubble of White Privilege

I have lived in my very white Oregon town for a little over 10 years now. Being half indian I have experienced many ignorant comments, microaggressions, and even sometimes outright racism and prejudice. Many think that because our town is lacking in diversity and more liberal than surrounding areas, that we are fine here. That […]


Justice For Ahmaud

Do you ever get super depressed because society seems to just, for lack of a better phrase, suck on all levels currently? It feels like humanity is in a downward spiral. Then, on top of all this, there are also guns in the equation. It’s so bizarre to me. Everything about American Life right now. […]

What is living in your 20s?

If you had told 14 year old me that this is where I would be at age 21 I would have been beyond surprised and no doubt disappointed in myself. I grew up thinking that going to college right after high school and then grad school and so on to eventually gain a “respectable” career was […]

4am Wednesday, February 20th. 2019

Time is such a crazy concept. Especially for someone like me who grew up with undiagnosed ADHD and therefore no grasp on time whatsoever. (I still don’t. That’s something the meds can’t even help me with..)


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