My portfolio showcases various creative projects I have produced throughout my career. I am interested in art via most mediums. The mediums in which I am most proficient, and enjoy working in, are adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Canva, drawing and painting, and videography. Along with creations in art, I also enjoy writing (both creatively and journalistically), website design and coding. See my contact information at the bottom of the page, or take a look at my resume below if you would like to get in touch and to work on a project with me!


Succulents created via Adobe Illustrator. Finished on June 12th 2020

Orcas created via Adobe Illustrator

Titled: 50 Shades of Blue. Created: May 2020
Cartoon, more basic styled Orca. Created: May 2020

Acrylic Paintings

Fun Personal Photo Collages


Framing Photo Edits

My Travel Video

Global Gap Year 2017-2018 Vlog Compilation made by me. Published on Youtube in October 2018.

Photo Journalism

More Graphic Design Works and Published Journalist Pieces.

In individual blog posts

The Supreme Court Affects Us All

An article I wrote 5 months ago (09/2018) for Wake Forest University’s newspaper, on my experience viewing the Supreme Court’s oral arguments this past summer. You can read in its entirety on the next page or click the link below to read it on the Wake Forest Newspaper Website. The Supreme Court Affects Us All

Beyoncé and Feminism.

Let’s design something together.

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