Yesterday our host family took Clare and me to the old Cachecol Mayan city outside of Tecpan called Iximche. It was extremely interesting learning from our host family about the specifics of each structure within the site. It was cool to stand there and imagine what the place might have looked like in its prime. […]


The inevitability of getting severely ill while traveling finally hit me four days ago. I had a fever and extreme stomach pain suddenly at lunch after work on Thursday (October 12th). After being taken to the local clinic in Tecpan the next day it was discovered that I had amoebas aka stomach parasites. Fun! For […]

Una Familia Nueva

After just recovering from a bout of Strep Throat on Sunday (October 8th) I moved in with my host family in Tecpan. Mi Una Familia Nueva. My roommate for this new experience is the lovely Clare Mckenna. Our family consists of: Our mother (I have forgotten her name…oops) who is the principal of the elementary school that is […]

Hello October!

During our first excursion on this trip the tour guide told us (in Spanish), “There are two seasons here in Guatemala: the dry season and the rainy season. Right now we are in the rainy season.” And honestly I think he meant to say the wet season. I have now grown accustomed to to the dampness […]

The Preparation

On the evening of September 9th I fly out of my small hometown airport in Oregon off to D.C. to meet up with the Thinking Beyond Borders group. And although that is still 23 days and 3 hours away (as the countdown app on my phone tells me), I have been unbelievably busy trying to […]

An introspective

Hi, So this is me. The scary looking girl with the dark lipstick. 19 years old and about to take on the world. I know I’m not abroad yet, and therefore posting on this blog right now seems premature and irrelevant, I know. However, it does seem relevant and on brand to open up about […]

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