Yesterday our host family took Clare and me to the old Cachecol Mayan city outside of Tecpan called Iximche. It was extremely interesting learning from our host family about the specifics of each structure within the site. It was cool to stand there and imagine what the place might have looked like in its prime. Fun to stand in the simple layouts of a home and imagine the family that might have lived there and how their daily lives might have been. How different or similar was it to the way I am living now with my host family in Tecpan? My host mom and Andrea, my host sister, were amazing tour guides telling us about the significance of each plaza and what was worshipped there. Also pointing out the trees and telling us that they were 500 years old.

Here are some of the pictures taken while we were there:

Andrea took this picture of me sitting on a sacrificial area in the plaza that was dedicated to the moon.

Clare mid-cartwheel in the main plaza that was dedicated to the sun. Behind her is a large group of american tourists which was an odd sight for us to see. Especially while walking around like locals with our host family.

It may be hard to see but on the stone of this structure there were faded Mayan paintings and writings that our host dad pointed out to us.

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